Moore Family Medical


Moore Family Medical was founded by Debbie and Timothy Moore in 2003. After working in a traditional medical office for many years, there were various shortcomings that created barriers to building strong patient-provider relationships and ultimately overall healthcare. Our goal in starting our own practice was to break through the “old school” modes and models of medicine, and create an environment that felt real. Real people with feelings that genuinely care for how you feel and how best to get you back to feeling yourself. Whether it is related to emotional issues, financial troubles, problems at home or work, our goal is to make you well and leave glad you came to meet us.

Below is a list of insurance information that may be helpful.


  1. 1.Debbie Moore, FNP-BC

  2. 2.Timothy Moore, GNP-BC

  3. 3.Melissa Gray, FNP-BC

  4. 4.Harry Bonnaire, MD

About Us

Insured - Moore Family Medical accepts the following insurance:

  1. AARP Health Care Options

  2. Assurant Health

  3. Benesight

  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

  5. CoreSource, Inc. (PHCS)

  6. Covenant Administrators (PHCS)

  7. Definity Health Claims

  8. Fortis (PHCS)

  9. Great West (pending)

  10. Group Resources Inc. (PHCS)

  11. Guardian

  12. Health Cost Solutions (PHCS)

  13. Health Choice

  14. J.F. Molly & Associates (PHCS)

  15. MediCare

  16. Mega Life

  17. Nippon Life Insurance Co. of America

  18. North American Administrators (PHCS)

  19. Principal

  20. Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)

  21. Signature Health Alliance

  22. TennCare Select

  23. TriCare Military Insurance

  24. United Health Care

  25. USA MCO (PHCS)

  26. Wausau Benefits (PHCS)

Uninsured - We at Moore Family Medical understand that everyone doesn't always have insurance, but at times does need healthcare. We offer cash pay discount often lower than those fees charged to commercial insurance companies. Why? This decreases the administrative burden (overhead) of the clinic allowing us to pass this savings on to you, the patient. We also stock many routine medications and antibiotics in our onsite "RediRx" pharmacy priced below retail pharmacy costs. If you would like more specific information on prices, please contact us.

If you are interested in getting health insurance, we recommend following the insurance links above.